Viva Italy!

Photos from my travel to Italy per 2008.

“Here warmly, as in the summer; and the sky — absolutely seems silver. The sun further and is more, and pours its light more strongly. What to tell to you in general about Italy? It seems to me, as if I have called in to ancient to Ukranian landowners. The same decrepit doors at houses, with set of the useless holes, soiling dresses by chalk; ancient candlesticks and lamps in the form of church; dishes all especial; all on ancient manners. Everywhere to me the picture of changes hitherto saw; here all has stopped on one place and does not move further. When has driven to Rome, I for the first time could not give myself the clear report: it has seemed small; but, than further, it seems to me greater and greater, houses are huger, kinds it is more beautiful, the sky is better; and pictures, ruins and antiques to look at all life begins. You fall in love with Rome very slowly, gradually — and for all life. In a word, all Europe to look, and Italy to live.”

Gogol N.V.